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The Washington Post: US support for Haftar previously, caused the current messy situation.

The Washington Post said on Sunday that the absence of the American role in Libya deepened a serious international confrontation and caused a “proxy war” in this country, and allowed Washington’s economic and security interests to be threatened.

And the “Washington Post” explained in a report published by “Al-Jazeera” that the “indiscriminate engagement” of the American administration, especially after Trump announced last year his support for Haftar, caused the current “chaotic situation”.

The newspaper considered that putting the United States “on the sidelines” around the Libyan scene led to an open conflict between regional and European powers, stressing that the Libyan file does not appear to be among the priorities of the White House.

The newspaper said that the Russians see in Libya economic opportunities as one of the major oil producing countries in the world, and given their strategic location close to Europe, whICH encouraged them to intervene and participate in the Libyan conflict.

The newspaper quoted the chief intelligence officer of the US Military Command in Africa, “AFRICOM” “Admiral Heidi Berg” that Moscow “is always trying to show itself as a peace broker in Libya while fueling the conflict behind the scenes, as it did – according to US officials – in Ukraine Sudan and the Central African Republic. ”

“This matter shows what Moscow has always sought, which is to be considered in the international scene and to have the ability to impose its affiliates on international community … that is, it wants to be the most controlling party at the negotiating table,” the newspaper said according to the officer.

And the American embassy in Libya confirmed, on Sunday, in a statement that those who undermine the Libyan economy and cling to the military escalation will face isolation and the danger of sanctions.

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