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The US State Department appreciates the role of “Stephanie” in pushing the peace process in Libya.

The American Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, appreciated the role of the UN acting envoy to Libya “Stephani Williams” for everything she did to push the peace process in Libya.

Blinken said – in a statement – Saturday, on the occasion of the end of Williams’s tenure in Libya that Williams demonstrated that she possesses extraordinary diplomatic skills that reflect creativity and determination to bring together the Libyan parties within the framework of the political process facilitated by the United Nations.

Blinken added that among the achievements of “Williams” was the signing of a ceasefire, the selection of a new executive authority and the decision to hold national elections at the end of the year, pointing out that these efforts contributed to achieving this Libyan vision of being a peaceful, prosperous and unified country with an inclusive government that can secure the country and meet Economic and humanitarian needs, a vision that Washington supports.

Blinken emphasized that in light of the transition process that the mission leadership is going through, they encourage the Libyan people to build on their achievements and continue working to end the conflict.

It is worth noting that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, “António Guterres,” assigned on the 12th of last March, “Stephanie Williams,” the acting UN envoy for support in Libya, after the resignation of the former envoy, Ghassan Salama.

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