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The United States renews its support for the elections and warns of war again.

Since the Interim Government assumed its duties and began to operate, the United States of America has repeatedly emphasized and renewed the necessity of holding the presidential and parliamentary elections on the scheduled date of December 24, 2021.

America, through its ministers and ambassador, is seeking to communicate with the authorities responsible for holding the elections and demands that they intensify their efforts and create a suitable environment to ensure their implementation and prevent their postponement for any reason. However, in the same context, the American intelligence services warned of the outbreak of war again between the Libyan parties, despite political, economic and security progress.

American warnings

The annual US intelligence report, known as the “annual threat assessment,” revealed that the situation in Libya may flare up at any moment in the current year, despite limited political, economic and security progress.

The report said – according to what Al-Hurra published – that according to the data, the military conflict may erupt at any moment as the situation may get out of control and spread to a wider conflict.

The report indicated that the crises facing the interim government are the same that prevented previous governments from advancing in the issue of reconciliation. This time, the file of the presence of foreign mercenaries on Libyan soil added to it.

US support

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says that the United States supports the national unity government; To hold elections on December 24th. Blinken confirmed – in a tweet on his Twitter account – that his country supports the Libyan people; To find a political solution to the conflict, calling on foreign forces to immediately withdraw from Libya.

Fair elections

The United States of America has stressed on ensuring that free, fair and credible Libyan elections are held on December 24, 2021

In the same context, US National Security Adviser “Jack Sullivan” confirmed on March 21 that his country stands by “all those committed to holding elections in Libya.”

Adopting a resolution

In mid-April, the Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the executive authorities in Libya and the relevant institutions, including Parliament, to take the measures stipulated in the roadmap for holding the presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24th.

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