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The United Nations reduces its role in Libya with loose statements that avoid mentioning the aggressor.

Since the beginning of the aggression against Tripoli in April of last year and on the eve of the day when the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, visited the capital, the statements of condemnation and denouncing are almost endless by the United Nations body.

But it was not possible to mention the aggressor by name it happened only once in a hurry after a full year has passed since the aggression, and despite the ugliness and horror of the Haftar militia crimes , the latest of which was the attempts to cut off water and electricity on the residents of the capital and the bombing of hospitals causing their closure in the time of Corona.

Those loose statements that avoided mentioning Haftar and his militias were only able to condemn and denounce, as usual, which raised the fury of the GNA and made it condemn this deafening silence.


Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad al-Qiblawi was surprised by the way the Mission has been operating since the beginning of the aggression by not naming the perpetrator in all acts and crimes.

In a statement to respond to the UN humanitarian coordinator, Al-Qeblawi added that describing Haftar’s criminal acts as an individual is a direct acquittal of the issuers of orders, noting that they monitor all crimes of the Haftar militia to refer them all to international and human rights organizations.

Did not name Haftar

Humanitarian Coordinator at the United Nations Mission in Libya, Yaqoub Al-Helou, did not name Haftar as usual, and only described his militias as armed groups, explaining that more than two million people, including 600,000 children, in Tripoli and the surrounding areas have been suffering from water shortages for nearly a week, after closing it by these groups.

In a statement against the backdrop of the recent attacks, Al- Helou added that cutting off water and electricity to Tripoli aims to collectively punish millions of innocent people, and these actions must end immediately.

No water, no electricity

The Haftar militias are still in full view of the whole world torturing civilians, and tasting the scourge of wars and the destruction of conflicts. An armed group belonging to the Haftar stormed the Shweref Control Room, and shut off water valves on Tripoli.
His militia, stationed south of Tripoli, also targeted the Alhadba General Hospital, which is designated to treat people with corona with random shells for three consecutive days.

It also closed a gas pipeline in the region of Sidi Al-Sayeh, south of Tripoli, that feeds the Al-Khums power station, causing the collapse of the public network in the western and southern regions.

For how long will the United Nations Overlooked the perpetrator and comfort the victim with words and letters that make this institution and, at the very least, the informal partner in this aggression, if it continues in its statements of denouncing and condemnation , which do nothing and mean nothing.

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