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The United Nations is pinning its hopes on Berlin for a solution in Libya.

The spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General, Stephen Dujarric, expressed his hope that the volume of international support received to resume dialogue on Libya would be highlighted at the Berlin conference.

Dujarric said, according to Aki”The conference must demonstrate international unity, and the support for the political process, and end foreign interference, and respect the UN resolution to ban weapons,” adding that he has not yet decided who will represent the United Nations at the Berlin conference.”

Dujarric stressed that they will continue to urge the Libyan parties and the parties affecting them to ceasefire and end hostilities as the humanitarian situation in the country is deteriorating badly, indicating that the UN mission documents and verifies reports of breaches of the ceasefire, which are mentioned in the reports of the Secretary-General submitted to the Security Council.

It is worth noting that Germany invited the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj and Hifter, and representatives of the United States, Russia, Britain, Turkey, Egypt, China and Italy, the United Nations, and the European Union, to attend the Berlin Conference on the Libyan crisis next Sunday.

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