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The UN Mission: Choosing the new executive authority from the 1st to 5th of February.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya announced on Friday that the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum will be held in Switzerland from February 1 to 5, to select candidates for the three positions in the Presidential Council and Prime Minister.

The mission added – in a statement – that this choice will be made according to the road map adopted by the forum in mid-November in Tunis This authority will be entrusted to lead Libya until elections are held next December 24 and the reunification of state institutions.

The mission explained that a committee of 3 members in the forum will verify and ensure that the nominations conform to the announced conditions, and collecting the final lists of candidates

The mission indicated that the proposed period for submitting nominations to the new executive authority, which was announced by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, had ended on January 28.

The mission added that the inaugural session and other activities will be broadcast live on United Nations digital TV, and a live broadcast in high-quality technology will be provided to interested television stations.

It is worth noting that the Political Dialogue Forum had approved, by 73%, the proposal of the Advisory Committee on the mechanism for selecting executive authority positions on the 19th of this month.

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