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The UN mission: “5 + 5” agrees to open roads and resume inter-city flights.

The United Nations Mission in Libya announced, on Wednesday, that the two sides of the joint committee agreed to open roads and land crossings, linking all regions and cities of Libya to each other, and to initiate joint security arrangements.

The mission added, in a statement on its official website, that the committee agreed to open air flights between cities, especially towards Sabha, which is the administrative capital of the south, and to put an end to incitement and media escalation and stop hate speech, urging the judicial authorities to take deterrent measures that ensure accountability of the Media channels, and social media sites that broadcast these speeches.

The mission confirmed that among the agreements reached by the parties was to assign the commanders of the Petroleum Facilities Guard in the western and eastern regions to work directly with a delegate appointed by the National Oil Corporation, to provide recommendations on restructuring the Petroleum Facilities Guard.

The mission said that the committee should send direct messages to the channels and platforms of the two parties to refrain from broadcasting any content that constitutes incitement to hatred, and to continue to support and strengthen the current calm on the battlefronts, and to move away from military escalation.

It is worth noting that the United Nations Mission in Libya announced, last Monday, the launch of the fourth round of the Libyan Joint Military Committee talks in Geneva.

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