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The third anniversary of the liberation of Sirte from ISIS … figures and stations.

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of the removal of the tumor of ISIS, which is the largest in Africa, by the heros of the Albonyan Almarsous operation, who wrote an epic of heroism to retrieve the city which was welcomed back to the homeland.

The operation, in which 771 was killed and nearly 4,000 injured, passes; to remind the Libyans and the whole world about the heroism and valor of the forces of Albonyan Almarsous Operation the uprooted ISIS from Sirte.

Beginning of ISIS

ISIS began to emerge in the city of Sirte when the so-called Abu Moaz al-Iraqi, Abu Amer al-Jazrawi, Walid al-Farajani, Ali al-Safrani, Abd al-Hadi Zarqun, Ahmad Saleh, and Hassan al-Darnawi Pledged allegiance to the so-called “Emir of the organization Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” in the hospitality suite of the Personal issues Judge in the city in September 2014.

After pledging allegiance, ISIS seized the city and announced in February 2015 full control of it through a video clip during the execution of 21 Copts from Egypt, considering Sirte a province ( Wilaih ), as it was claimed at the time.

According to the confessions of the members of ISIS, the organization’s force was composed of 1,800 members, most of whom were Tunisian, Egyptian, Sudanese, Senegalese, Nigerian, and Chadian in addition to Saudi and Iraqi citizens.

Human suffering

The organization’s control of the city exacerbated the human suffering within the city, and led to the displacement of 80 thousand citizens, representing a third of the city’s population, who sought refuge in the safer cities in the west of the country after they fled from the hell of the ISIS.

The organization took control of Sirte and began extensive campaigns of arresting all those who oppose it in the city, erecting gallows and establishing a crucifix platform in the city, so that the people of Sirte can be crucified.

The organization established 3 prisons in which all its opponents were kept and carried out 49 executions in Sirte and nearby cities, such as beheading, shooting and other gruesome methods.

The beginning of the breakthrough

On May 5, 2016, the Presidential Council of the GNA announced the formation of a special operations room to lead military operations against the Islamic State in the area between Misurata and Sirte, and launched the “Albonyan Almarsous” operation to retrieve Sirte from ISIS control.

The 7-month operation culminated in a landslide victory over an organization known as the largest in Africa, so that the people of Sirte could breathe a sigh of relief and the city returned to its homeland.

And the Epic of Liberating the City, which was praised by the whole world, cost the martyrdom of 771 members of the operation forces and the injury of 3,296 others, in order for the people to enjoy security and safety, away from the threats of the Islamic State.

Operation figures

During the course of the military operations, the operation forces rescued 47 ISIS children and 16 ISIS women from Sirte houses, after they were surrounded.

The operation forces fought 36 battles, most of which were in Sirte, beginning with the liberation of the 30 and 50 gates west of Sirte on May 27 and ending with the liberation of Naval Giza district on December the 6th.

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