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The Supreme Council of State urges the GNA to hasten the end of the military battle.

On Thursday, the Supreme Council of the State urged the Presidential Council to expedite taking all necessary measures to support the war effort to break the aggression and resolve the military battle at the earliest time, in preparation for the extension of state sovereignty over the entire Libyan soil.

The Supreme Council called upon House of Representatives during the meeting of the Presidency Office with the heads of the committees in the Council, to cooperate with them to follow up the work of the monitoring bodies and obligate all sovereign bodies and the Presidential Council, to act in accordance with the legislation in force.

The Supreme Council of State recommended to the supreme committee and the scientific advisory committee formed by the presidential council to confront the Corona virus, and other related committees to cooperate with the committee formed by the supreme state in addition to taking all urgent measures to return the Libyan citizens stranded abroad as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that the Supreme Council of State formed a committee on March 31 to follow up on the exceptional measures taken by the Presidential Council to confront the threat of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

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