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The Stipulations To Complete The Referendum Has Not Been Provided

Member of the Constituent Assembly for the drafting of the constitution, Salim Keshlaf, on Tuesday, said that the Commission stipulated to complete the referendum on the constitution providing several conditions, namely the compatibility between the Supreme Council of State and HOR, funding, and a secure environment, which are not yet available.

Keshlaf explained that the referendum law is still a matter of debate between the HOR and Supreme Council, and therefore is not yet handy, and that the security arrangements were not implemented as required, especially by Al-Wefaq government, in addition to the funding being insufficient, as stated by the Chairman of the Commission, and the political consensus between The House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State has not been accomplished, noting that the statements of the Preparatory Commission for the Commission shows that the Commission seeks to accomplish the preparatory side only.

The head of the Electoral Commission Imad Essayah, on Monday, said that the Commission has completed 90% of the preparations for the referendum on the draft of the constitution.

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