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The shock of Alwittia blew the mind of Almismari away… so he turns to talk about the details of the withdrawal.

It seems that the shock of liberating the base of Alwittia by the army forces in a lightning attack was strong and earth-shattering on the so-called General Command in Al-rajma, which necessitated postponing the recognition of this defeat until the dawn of the next day.

Not only did the spokesperson for the “leadership” announce their defeat, but rather made matters worse when he came out in an attempt to raise the morale of his militia, so he announced that the withdrawal comes to “repositioning in the axes of Tripoli”, and he warned the supporters of the Marshal not to become busy with this issue, as it is a military matter!

But it seems that the supporters have already been confused by Al-Mismari’s statement, and they calculated it as a camouflage to resume the aggression on Tripoli, so Al-Mismari came out again through a written statement explaining and asserting that they have no power after today to do anything but a “tactical” withdrawal from all the fighting axes in Tripoli for a distance of 2-3 Kilometers to allow citizens to perform religious rites, exchange visits and communication between Libyans, and to avoid bloodshed at the end of the holy month of Ramadan!

In his statement, he also repeated the cry saying that they had previously declared a unilateral ceasefire, but that it was the GNA who rejected it.

In a strange and continuous contradiction since the beginning of the aggression against Tripoli and these militias say one thing and do its opposite, Al-Mesmari’s statement about the withdrawal of his forces coincided with targeting of the International Airport and the Shorfat Almalaha area in the Souq Alhumaa with random bombs fired by their militias.In an obvious and clear assertion that the militia of Haftar will never be a reliable partner for peace in Libya.

Therefore, what the Libyan army did to liberate the Alwittia airbase in a lightning and coordinated operation is the appropriate response to these militias. Whoever does not know the strength of logic must know the logic of force.

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