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The seizure of a large drug shipment in Egypt, coming from Lebanon to Libya.

The newspaper “Independent Arabia” revealed that the Egyptian authorities have seized a container, which it said was coming from a Lebanese port, bound for Libya through the port of West Port Saied with a large quantity of narcotic substances inside.

According to security sources who spoke to “The Independent Arabia”, the seizure of the container came after the security services and the Central Administration of Port Said Customs had available information regarding the possibility that the container contained large quantities of narcotic substances on its way to one of the Arab countries bordering Egypt.

The newspaper added, according to its sources, that the inspection and seizure of the container was carried out in accordance with the legal procedures followed in West Port Saied port to combat crime.

A source in the Egyptian customs confirmed to the newspaper, that the container’s destination was between Lebanon and Libya, explaining that the Egyptian Public Prosecution is continuing its investigations, to pursue those involved.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the shipment contained more than eight tons of hashish and more than eight million “Lexus” Captagon tablets, and was to cross towards the port of Al Khums in Libya.

A report published by the “BBC” website revealed a few weeks ago that the Italian authorities had confiscated a shipment of drugs coming from the port of Lattakia in Syria, which was on its way to the port of the city of Benghazi, with an estimated value of one billion euros, which exceeded 85 million pills of the narcotic “Captagon” pills.

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