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The Russian presence .. NATO is concerned and the United States calls it “an insult to the sovereignty of Libya”.

As soon as the talk about Russian interference in Libya supporting Haftar alleviated in international forums, it was renewed through denunciations followed by concern from many international parties headed by the USA, which expressed its worry from the beginning of Russian support for Haftar represented by the “Wagner mercenaries.”

This time around who stirred the stagnant waters of the Russian presence in Libya is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which has expressed concern about the presence of the Wagner mercenaries in the ranks of the Haftar militias.

Russian presence worries “NATO”

NATO Secretary-General, “Jens Stoltenberg” expressed NATO’s concern about the presence of Russian Wagner mercenaries in the fighting axes with Haftar militias, stressing the necessity of implementing the arms embargo by land and air, and not only by sea.

Stoltenberg said in a telephone conversation with President of the Presidential Council, Fayiz al-Sarraj, that targeting civilians and infrastructure is unacceptable, pointing out that there is no military solution to the Libyan crisis.

Al-Sarraj agreed with Stoltenberg on cooperation between the NATO agencies and the military and security institutions in Libya, according to what he had been discussed to in previous meetings, in order to support building military and security capabilities and activating the joint committees between the two sides.

Russian mercenaries: abuse of Libya’s sovereignty

For his part, the American ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, affirmed that there are nearly two thousand mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Company, and the advanced military equipment they possess is an insult to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya.

“Norland” told Al-Quds newspaper that the United States wanted to end the attack by Haftar forces on Tripoli, a permanent ceasefire, and a peaceful, negotiated solution to the conflict.

“Norland” revealed that Haftar’s control receded with each day that the confrontations continue, and he is at risk of losing every opportunity unless the eastern region is allowed to negotiate.

The American rejection of the Russian presence in Libya, which has become more clear than ever, and the concern of NATO, and its assertion of supporting the GNA as the legitimate government, which may mean that Haftar became internationally isolated and his defeat is approaching.

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