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The Presidential Council: There are no Syrian fighters in Libya.

The media office of the President of the Presidential Council denied, on Sunday, the authenticity of the video recordings circulating on some social media pages loyal to Hifter, which claims the presence of Syrian fighters in a camp in Libya.

The Presidential Council added, in a statement on his official page, that local and international news channels confirmed that these recordings were filmed in the Syrian city of Idlib and not in Libya.

The Presidential Council stressed that the GNA would prosecute all those who contributes to these lies of these and others, and that they are just desperate attempts to distort the victories achieved by the army of GNA and the forces supporting it against Hifter’s forces.

It is worth noting that pro-Hifter websites broadcasted recordings of Syrian fighters they claimed to be in Tripoli two days after the appearance of a recording of Russian mercenaries fighting with Hifter forces in Qasr bin Ghashir area.

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