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The presence of a representative of Hifter at the Libyan Economic Dialogue in Tunisia … and Shokshok objects.

On the background of the conclusion of the work of the Libyan economic dialogue in Tunisia on Monday, a verbal altercation occurred between Khaled Shokshok, the head of the Audit Bureau, and Ahmed Alaboud  who introduced himself as a representative of Khalifa Hifter.

Alaboud reviewed at the meeting what he called the achievements of Hifter and that he is the reason for increasing oil production, describing the forces of the GNA as militias and that they are smuggling fuel.

Shokshok interrupted the speech

Meanwhile, the head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shokshok, interrupted the speech of Alaboud, saying that the so-called “Hifter Army” is not based on any legal or international legitimacy, and that the legitimacy is for the GNA in Tripoli; therefore the real army is the Libyan army that is subject to civil authority and is funded by The public budget, describing Hifter’s militants as the “largest militia”  outside the legitimacy of the GNA.

Hifter’s financing sources

Shokshok demanded that Alaboud reveals the sources of funding for the Hifter militia, as well as the money that pays salaries for the Russian mercenaries and the Janjaweed, chalenging Alaboud to disclose this information.

Shokshok continued that Hifter provides financing to its militants from seizing public and private funds and smuggling crude oil.

Shokshok announces withdrawal

The head of the Audit Bureau warned that he would be forced to withdraw from this session if what he described as( false words) continues at the expense of innocent blood and livelihood accusing the militia of Hifter of destroying cities, attacking the capital Tripoli, bringing in mercenaries, killing children, displacing families and destroying infrastructure; we can only call him a criminal militia, he said.

Observers believe that the presence of representatives of Khalifa Hifter aims to promote what they describe as the achievements of the General Command ,while economic reforms or increased oil production and others were carried out under the supervision of the internationally recognized GNA that has been exposed for months to the aggression of Hifter’s militants, despite the presence of the Vice President of the GNA Ahmed Amityq, and the governor of the Central Bank of Libya Asidiq Alkabeir, but neither of them spoke.

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