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The people of Tripoli between the hammer of the Hifter militias and the anvil of “Corona” virus.

Tripoli neighborhoods are still subject to indiscriminate shelling from the criminal militia of Hifter, which has not stopped violating the ceasefire truce or to appeals of world countries for an immediate ceasefire in Libya in order to enable local authorities to respond quickly to the unprecedented challenge posed by the Corona virus (Covid-19) On public health.

Residents of the capital have been living for two days on the sound of the guns that did not stop while people are committed to their homes in light of the emergency declared by the President, to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus, but the shells of the Hifter militias came close to their homes and planted fear in them.

Hifter, who is only concerned with attaining power, even on the skulls of all Libyans left the joint borders with Egypt open until now despite all appeals to close all crossings with Libya, especially since Egypt has registered about 100 cases officially, while American press sources said that the number of those infected is estimated at 19 thousand.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization called on all parties in Libya to adhere to a humanitarian truce to confront the Corona virus, while the director of the National Center for Disease Control Badr Adine Anajjar stressed the importance of coordination between the center and municipalities, for a commitment to implement the plans in place to confront the Corona epidemic.

Anajjar explained, during a meeting with the mayors of the municipalities, that the emergency plan prepared by the National Center for Disease Control which is designed to work within the municipalities must be implemented in a technical way to reduce and counter the threat of coronavirus.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya called for the cessation of all combat activities from bringing in equipment and fighters from outside Libya into it, to preserve social health, and do it as a necessary measure to prevent the spread of the virus, calling on all Libyans to unite immediately before it is too late to confront this dire and widespread threat.

The mission announced its joining in a statement yesterday, Tuesday, with the international partners in calling on all parties of the conflict in Libya to declare an immediate cessation of hostilities for humanitarian purposes in order to enable the local authorities to respond quickly to the unprecedented challenge posed by the Corona virus (Covid-19) on public health .

Embassies of the world call for unification of health in Libya More than ten embassies in the world and the European Union mission in addition to the Tunisian Republic, Canada and Turkey called for a halt to the fighting and a truce to enable the local authorities to respond to the unprecedented public health challenge posed by the emerging Corona virus.

In a statement yesterday, the embassies urged to take all necessary measures to support the health and welfare of all Libyans by enabling a truce that would allow fighters to return to their homes to provide the necessary care to relatives who may be more vulnerable.

What is the fate awaiting the residents of the capital in light of the hammer of the militias of Hifter and the anvil of the Corona virus?

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