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The people of Sirte complain of poor living conditions … and the “management committee” of the city invites them to receive Haftar’s free gift.

Since Haftar’s militia took control of it last January, the city of Sirte has been experiencing poor living conditions and a lack of all the basic needs of citizens.

While the people of Sirte stand in long lines; To get the fuel and cash missing from the city, Russian and Syrian mercenaries roam around the city’s neighborhoods, occupying schools and the airport, and has even reached the point of assaulting the people.

The notables of Sirte complained to the leader of the aggressive militia, Khalifa Haftar, about the actions of his militia and mercenaries, the deterioration of living conditions, and the marginalization of the city’s components of positions and responsibilities, the response to them was nothing but what the management Council appointed by Haftar called “The Gift” which consisted of trucks carrying milk, tea and fuel.

Free gift

The Sirte management Council, appointed by Haftar, headed by “Salem Amer”, called on the people of the city to stage a popular welcome for what it called a free gift from Haftar to the city.

The council called on the people to welcome Haftar’s gift at the entrance to Sirte, which consist of trucks containing supplies of fuel, cooking gas, food supplies, medicines and medical equipment provided by Haftar, according to the council.

condemned Announcement

The Council’s Announcement was met with great condemnation on the management council’s Facebook page, they asked the people to go out to welcome this convoy, begging for their needs and rights from Haftar, and describing it as a free gift, as if Haftar gives donations to the people of the city from his own pocket.

“Al-Senussi Al-Hadi” wrote on the wall of the council’s page: “An empty and illogical propaganda method for a basket of aid that originally should have been within your competence as a municipal council with the government of Al-Thani… Please respect people’s minds.

One of the observers in the name of “Alzahid Alaabid” commented on the post: “We promise you to celebrate the day, when you replace the destroyed homes, compensate the people, stop the division of the homeland, and unite the country after that we will dance until the morning! Is it reasonable to post a statement and assign yourselves to invite the people of Sirte to celebrate their rights ?? There is no power but from Allah the Almighty “

Waiting for implementation

Restoring life to normal in Sirte currently requires the implementation of the outcomes of the agreement signed between the two parties to the 5 + 5 Military Committee, which provides for the evacuation of mercenaries, the opening of roads and the removal of mines.

The Military Committee chose the city of Sirte to hold its first session after the signing of the ceasefire agreement in Ghadames, and on the 12th of last November it agreed to start clearing the coastal road at a distance that would allow safe passage for citizens, and to deploy police forces under the Ministry of Interior, to secure the city, and drive all mercenaries and foreign fighters out of the area targeted by the opening of the coastal road, and to gather them in Tripoli and Benghazi, in order to start in the next stage of their departure from the Libyan territories.

The people of Sirte are waiting for the implementation of these outputs, hoping to save the city from the deteriorating service and security conditions that are getting worse day by day.

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