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The number of civilian casualties increases daily as a result of Hifter’s aggression.

In a scene that has become frequent since Hifter launched his aggression on Tripoli, attacks have continued on residential neighborhoods inhabited by the civilian population.Dozens of civilians have been killed and hundreds wounded in these attacks in different areas of Tripoli.

Attacks on civilian neighborhoods and bombardment with planes and indiscriminate shells , Children between the ages of 3 and 12 had the largest share of casualties, as well as material damage to private and public property.

5 civilians

In the last chapters of Hifter against civilians, the warplanes supporting him launched an air strike on al-Sawani bin Adam area south of Tripoli, killing 5 civilians, including 3 children, and wounding 13 others.

According to the Medical and Field Support Center, two children were killed as a result of the bombing of Hifter planes between the ages of 4 and 9, details about the third child are still unknown.

Civilians of Umm Alaraneb

Before targeting Al-Sawani area, these planes bombed last Thursday, a residential neighborhood in Umm Alaraneb in the southern region, killing 14 civilians, including 9 children, according to the latest statistics.

Operation Volcano of Anger confirmed that UAE drones dropped bombs on the Chinese company neighborhood in Umm Alaraneb, which is crowded with civilians, and resulted in material and human losses.

Alfornaj and Salahdin

Last October recorded two massacres committed by Hifter militants and his supported planes in less than 10 days.His plane opened fire on the home of the Qshaira family in Al-Farnaj, killing three children and seriously injuring their brother and mother, who were transferred to Italy for treatment.

Eight days after the massacre of al-Farnaj, Salah al-Din buildings were targeted with indiscriminate mortar shells, killing three children from one family and slightly injuring the mother and father.

The beginning of aggression

Hifter began his aggression last April, claiming the lives of innocent children and women. A rocket attack on Al-Intisar neighborhood by Hifter militants killed 6 civilians and injured others moderately and slightly.

In July, a child and her father were killed and four others, including children, were injured after their house in Alhadba project in Tripoli was bombed by Hifter.

The areas of Ramle, Khalat al-Furjan and Ain Zara recorded the killing of civilians in various actions a result of indiscrimnate shelling by Hifter Militants.

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