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The New York Times: Haftar failed to capture Tripoli, and here are the details of his call to Trump.

The American New York Times said that Haftar failed to capture Tripoli, restored civil war, left thousands dead, and displaced hundreds of thousands of others.

The newspaper added in a report on the situation in Libya that the fighting resulted in cutting off the flow of Libyan oil, creating new fluctuations in the region and severely reducing Washington’s influence in this country, noting that Washington’s unclear stance on Libya played a major role in prolonging the chaos.

The newspaper pointed out that the absence of the American role opened the door to the intervention of the competing American partners, including Turkey, Egypt and the UAE, as well as Russia, whose support appeared more than clear, and even won the competition against the United States in Libya.

On the US President’s call to Haftar, the newspaper quoted White House officials as saying that Alsisi pressed President Trump personally last year on April 9, and Bin Zayed on the phone on April 18 to support Haftar.

The newspaper added, quoting former Trump administration officials, that Haftar asked for an American green light to attack Tripoli, and the response was not green or red light, but rather a yellow light, according to the newspaper.

The response of the US administration to Haftar came according to the New York Times that if you wanted the attack, do so but it must be ended quickly, and that is what Haftar has failed to achieve so far.

It is worth noting that Haftar militias have failed to make any progress towards controlling the capital, Tripoli, since April 2019.

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