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The Moroccan Dialogue and Haftar’s Mobilization … Which of them will prevail.

In light of the mobilization carried out by Haftar’s militias and mercenaries of multiple nationalities with them in the west of the city of Sirte and in the Al-Jufra region, and the repeated violations of the ceasefire announced in the statements of Al-Sarraj and Aqeela Saleh on the 21 of last August, some Libyan parties are seeking to sit at the dialogue table In Morocco.

The dialogue, which began today in the Moroccan city of Bouznika, includes 5 members from the Tobruk House of Representatives and the same from the Supreme Council of State to discuss the amendment of the sovereign positions and set a vision for the upcoming dialogues, but the question remains who will prevail , will it be the dialogue table or the voice of the gun that Haftar seeks to revive.

The necessity of international seriousness

The writer and journalist Abdullah Al-Kabeer believed that the political journeys scheduled to take place in Morocco and then Geneva will not result in any real progress that could put the parties on the path of consensus.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that Haftar’s mobilization confirms that he is still planning another round to regain his position in the political equation, without serious international action that restricts him and forces him to submit to political solutions he will not halt escalation.

Al-Kabeer explained that the popular movement and the deterioration of services may put pressure on the political parties to push them to rapprochement, but this factor alone will not be effective without international pressure on countries that support the war option.

For his part, the Egyptian political analyst interested in the Libyan issue, Alaa Farouk, said that the atmosphere for dialogue this time may be different, especially with a consensus, albeit in proportion between the Tobruk Parliament Speaker Aqeela Saleh, and the head of the reconciliation government, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and talks about a meeting that almost brought Aqeela together with the head of the State Council, Khaled Al-Mishri.

In a statement to Arraed, Farouk explained that the political and military scene data has changed a lot, and even Haftar is no longer a large number in the scene, so he moves and acts as he pleases to draw attention and prove his presence.

And Farouk indicated that if all outputs and results do not find support and assistance, sanctions and an international red eye for those who obstruct them, then they will be like other dialogue stations whose results were zero.

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