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The mission stipulates that the dialogue team should not assume any senior positions.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Mission in Libya stipulated that the dialogue team must pledge not to run or accept the position of president and member of the Presidency Council, or the head and members of the government and sovereign positions, which the Tunis Dialogue Forum is mandated to decide during the pre-election period.

The mission stressed – in accordance with a pledge memo of conditions that Arraed obtained a copy of – to the participants in the Libyan-Libyan dialogue rounds of 6 basic points, including commitment to the forum’s agenda and discussion mechanisms, rejecting hate speech and incitement to violence at all times, and naming institutions and parties represented in and outside the dialogue, with the names put forward by their representatives in the dialogue.

The mission added that among the conditions is to refrain from exposing or referring to specific persons in order to achieve rapprochement and reach satisfactory results and accept what the participants in the dialogue have agreed upon, and work to support its outputs to achieve its goals and objectives, and to respect the privacy of others, and not to publish, photograph, or broadcast Or leak to any of the media, and coordinate with the UN with regard to any media activity.

It is worth noting that the Acting Head of the United Nations Mission to Libya, Stephanie Williams, confirmed, on Sunday, that the Libyan-Libyan dialogue will start early next month in Tunisia.

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