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The Ministry of Interior arrests a person wanted by the Public Prosecutor for corruption of the General Electricity Company.

In an image that indicates the application of the law and the arrest of those wanted by the Attorney General in corruption cases, the Law Enforcement Department, Tripoli Branch of the General Department of Security Operations of the Ministry of Interior, managed to arrest the Director General of Production Projects in the former General Electricity Company Administration, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors.

The Ministry of Interior stated that it had taken legal measures against the arrested person, and then referred him to the competent authorities. The head of the investigations office at the Attorney General’s office, Al-Siddiq Al-Soor, had ordered, last August, to arrest and bring four officials from the General Electricity Company, and to refer them to the Public Prosecutor for investigation, including the former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Abdulmajid Hamzah, the former CEO of the company, Ali Sassi, and two others .

President of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, recommended preventing officials of the General Electricity Company from traveling, in a file containing the Bureau’s investigations regarding the causes of long hours of power outages.

According to the Bureau, the results of the investigation conducted and referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the matter includes willful negligence that amounts to criminal offenses.

According to the evidence, of the electricity crisis and its frequent outages, and the distribution of the increasing loads which is getting worse every year , the evidence points to sluggishness or negligence that may have been intentional in the successive departments of the company over the past years.

This made citizens complain about power cuts and overloads every time, and declare their anger, and it also made the monitoring authorities, and judicial agencies to review the performance of the General Electricity Company and the performance of its administrations, despite the allocation of millions from the state budget.

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