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The Ministry of Education sets strict precautionary measures for high school exams.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education put precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus during the exams for high school students, for the safety of students and all members of the supervision and monitoring committees.

The Ministry indicated, in a statement on its official page explained that hand sanitizer should be distributed once from the first day of exams to each male or female student according to the allocated quantity, and gloves are distributed daily to those charged with distributing questions and upon receiving the answer sheets.

The ministry explained the need to measure the temperature of the student before entering the hall, and if it is in the normal range, he receives a mask and enters to take his examination, and if it is higher than the average, the student takes a 15-minute break and the temperature is measured again if it is normal, if it does not drop then he takes his exam in isolation, outside the classroom, under strict precautions, with the monitoring committee fully informed.

The ministry stated that the time taken in the process of measuring temperature and the rest period is not deducted from the time of the exam, pointing out that in the case of observers and monitors, if their temperature is high, they are exempted from observation and monitoring.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Education announced on October 6 that the exams for high school certificate students will be held on October 31.

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