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The military zone of Sabha controls the Alfeel oil field

A special source from the military zone of ​​Sabha, said on Wednesday, that their forces led by Lieutenant General Ali Kanna took control of Alfeel oil field.

The source, in a statement to Arraed,said that oil is a source of sustenance for all Libyans, and is now in safe hands, stressing the continuation of work in the field normally.

For its part, the National Oil Corporation, on its official page, it has not received any reports of any material or human damage to the field.

Hifter forces had entered the Alfeel oil field after they claimed the control of the southern region in March.

It is worth noting that Lieutenant General Ali Kanna, who was appointed by the Presidential Council, in February, as commander of the military area of ​​Sabha has announced his rejection of the Hifter aggression on the southern region and Tripoli.

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