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The meeting of the leaders of the volcano … Haftar media fueled the situation, while channels affiliated with the volcano remained silent.

The supported Haftar channels that backed Haftar in his aggression continue to inflame and dismantle the social fabric, as they intensified through their misleading news yesterday that the President of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Al Manifi, was besieged at one time, and at another time about the kidnapping of his office manager by the leaders of the volcano of anger after the end of their meeting in Tripoli. .

Al-Hadath channel, the media wing of Haftar’s militias, with a number of suspicious pages led by their loyalists who tried to fabricate this news and intensify it to convey a misleading image to the citizen without any real facts on the ground.

In the mean time, channels claiming to be affiliated with the Volcano of anger forces remained silent and took a spectator seat without reporting what is happening except as statements denying storming the headquarters of the Presidential Council, and turning a blind eye to the statements of the leaders of the volcano.

The incident was denied

The spokesperson for the Presidential Council, Najwa Wahiba, denied all misleading news about the storming of the council’s headquarters in Tripoli, calling on news reporters to investigate information from its sources.

The event in detail

The field commander of Battalion 166 of the Central Military Region Mohammed Al Hussan and one of the attendees of the meeting of the leaders of the axes of the Volcano of Anger operation said during the meeting that they would convey their voice to the government that did not heed them, and that they would show them on the ground the force that protected, and defended Tripoli.

Al-Hussan indicated that the government, which is supposed to be a government of national unity, has caved in to Haftar. Because he throws the dead bodies of his opponents and everyone who opposes him in the street, indicating that the government has excluded the volcano of anger and imposed personalities that are not only controversial, but are also involved in supporting the aggression against Tripoli.

Al-Jahawi explains

The Commander of the Reserve Division of the Anti-Terrorism Force, Mukhtar al-Jahawi and one of the attendees of the meeting confirmed that the war criminal Haftar does not have any capacity for the presidential council to deal with him instead of holding him accountable, pointing out that the government’s and presidential council’s silence about mass graves in Tarhouna questioned their seriousness in achieving transitional justice.

Al-Jahawi stated that the spokesmen for the Volcano of Anger and the Sirte lebiration room adhered to the presidential decision while Haftar’s militia did not abide by it, indicating that the countries that support Haftar are still supporting him with their weapon-loaded aircrafts, and this is an indication of ignoring the peace path that the Presidential and the government came to impose.

Why do Haftar’s militias continue to fuel and mislead after they have suffered defeat in their aggression against Tripoli through their foreign-backed media outlets, especially with the approaching elections scheduled for next December?

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