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The mass graves between a British condemnation, American-Italian demands to investigate, and a French-Russian silence.

The mass graves found by the Libyan army forces in Tarhuna and areas that were under the control of the Haftar militia – something that cannot be ignored or turned a blind eye to, because the ugliness and brutality of these crimes is beyond description and exceeds all human and religious morals.

Since the announcement of the finding of these graves and the discovery of the bodies that include women and children – many countries of the world and human and human rights organizations have moved to condemn these crimes, and have demanded the opening of an investigation and bring those involved to justice, including the United States, Italy, the European Union and Britain, while France and Russia have ignored these crimes That they may have been involved in by supporting Haftar.

Opening an independent investigation

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for an independent and transparent investigation into the mass graves, and for those responsible for this crime to be identified and punished.

In a statement, the Italian Foreign Ministry called on all the conflicting parties in Libya to fully respect human rights and international humanitarian law, expressing its shock after finding several mass graves in Tarhuna city.

Britain supports the investigation

For its part, Britain in the words of the British Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverley, condemned the mass graves that were discovered in Tarhuna city after its liberation from the aggressor militias.

And “Cleverly” confirmed, during a phone call with the President of the Presidential Council, Faiz Al-Sarraj, that his country supports the investigations carried out by the competent authorities of the reconciliation government in these “horrific” violations, according to the official page of the reconciliation government.

America: “Unbearable Violations”

The United States of America expressed its fear of the increasing number of mass graves discovered in Tarhuna city after its liberation from the Haftar terrorist militias.

The United States Embassy in Libya, in a tweet via Twitter, affirmed its support for the efforts made by the Government of National Accord and international bodies to investigate these “unbearable” violations, according to its description, demanding that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

The US embassy’s fear came after the United Nations Support Mission in Libya announced its grave concern over what the horrific reports called, the discovery of at least eight mass graves in the past few days, most of them inside the city of Tarhuna.

And with the great reactions that should happen with the issue of mass graves discovered in Tarhuna and other areas that were under the control of the Haftar militias, and crimes that exceeded the limits of humanity and religion – some countries keep silent and ignore this major crime, while interfering in the Libyan issue and criticizing, supporting and investigating everything except for the discovery of these graves and anything that condemns Haftar and its militias.

France left the mass graves and became busy with Turkey

France interferes in the Libyan issue and provides support for Haftar without stopping, and puts its interest above all considerations, even if it comes to crimes against humanity and genocide, such as those uncovered in the areas of control of those whome they bet on in the Libyan scene.

France turns its focus on the Turkish role, which has created a balance in the military side in Libya, and demands the halt of positive Turkish interference in support of the reconciliation government, and ignores the mention of mass graves with expressions of condemnation , shock and anxiety like the rest of the countries.

Russia is searching for a solution and ignoring the crimes

Russia is not different from France, as it is Haftar’s number one military supporter. It does not care and did not care about the Libyan issue except with the support of Haftar and the realization of its interests that come at the expense of the Libyan people. It ignored talking about mass graves and continued its attempts to keep Haftar in the political scene in Libya , not interested in the human and moral side. What the Haftar militias have shown by committing crimes against humanity clearly and sincerely shows that those who committed it cannot be a state army, and Russia ignores this heinous act as if it never happened.

The condemnations of these countries were preceded by the condemnation of the European Union and Human Rights Watch, which condemned the mass graves that were found in Tarhuna since their liberation on June 5 until now – and which exceeded 11 mass graves containing decomposing corpses. The remains included children, women and elderly people.

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