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The Justice and construction party praises the army’s victories and the liberation of Tripoli and Tarhuna.

On Saturday, the Justice and Construction party praised the victories achieved by the Libyan army and the forces supporting it, by completing the liberation of Tarhuna and all parts of the capital, Tripoli, and the cities of the western region, from the control of the aggressor militias and their supporters.

The party described, in a statement issued by today , the victories achieved as a “severe blow” towards the complete eradication of the military coup project, after a legendary epic against a large gathering of evil countries, mercenaries and their agents in our country, according to the statement.

The party valued the tremendous national role played by the various components of the Libyan people in the face of this “brutal” aggression, from the military, political, media and civil forces, thanking the friendly countries, led by Turkey and Qatar, for their support to the Libyan people in facing this rebellion.

The Justice and Construction Party emphasized the continuation of the state-building battle until the stabilization of the democratic path and reaching the permanent stage governed by a constitution and institutions, noting that the next stage is no less sensitive and important than the stage of repelling aggression.

The party said that the countries and parties that harnessed all their capabilities to spoil the democratic path and jump on the aspirations of the Libyans – will spare no effort to continue to plot conspiracies to impede the building of the state.

The party appealed to the people of the eastern region to quickly split up from Haftar, who practiced deception and misleading, after it became clear that his exploitation the sons of the homeland as fuel for his personal purposes, calling for caution from the misleading media that the stage and its precedents proved false and falsify facts against the interest of the country.

The party called on the parliament and the supreme council of state to play their role and take strong steps to unify the sovereign institutions and end the division, stressing that any negotiations or dialogues must start from the victories that were achieved, and be based on national foundations and constants.

Justice and construction demanded the media and public figures to refrain from gloating and spreading hatred towards our brothers in homeland those who were deceived , and to resort to persuasion and dialogue, to use unity speech instead of separation speech , to refrain from calling others traitors , and to use victories to distribute national bonds.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army forces took control of the city of Tarhuna, after the militia of Haftar fled from it, after a series of important victories achieved during the past weeks.

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