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The Italian authorities seized a drug shipment coming to Benghazi from Syria, worth one billion euros.

A report published by the “BBC” website revealed that the Italian authorities had confiscated a shipment of drugs coming from the port of Latakia in Syria, on its way to the port of the city of Benghazi, with an estimated value of one billion euros.

The British Channel report, published on Monday, stated that the quantity exceeded 85 million pills of narcotic pills, the type of “Captagon”, which is widely used among the fighters in Syria, to gain a sense of strength and overcome sleepiness on the battlefront.

The report indicated that this shipment is the largest shipment stopped by the Italian authorities worldwide, while the Italian police announced, last July, that it had seized about 14 tons of narcotic “amphetamine” tablets coming from Syria, describing it as “the largest seizure of its kind on the global level.”

The BBC correspondent said that the amount of the narcotic “Captagon” pills that was launched from Syria to Libya and was confiscated in Italy, weighed about 14 tons, at a cost of 900 million pounds (one billion euros).

The Syrian writer and former diplomat in Libya – “Ghazi Dahman” said last October that Bashar al-Assad is continuously sending shipments of drugs to Benghazi, taking advantage of the movement of Russia sending mercenaries from Syria to Libya to Haftar, explaining that the quantities that were smuggled to Benghazi are estimated at 10 tons. Periodically every 3 months, that is, an estimated value of less than one billion euros per shipment.

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