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The Interior Ministry arrests senior officials on suspicion of corruption in the West … and Haftar is forming a military committee to suppress the demonstrations in the east.

Corruption is rampant in all sovereign Libyan institutions in offices and officials, which contributed to the exacerbation of all crises against the citizen who stood helpless in the face of obtaining the most basic rights, which he demanded in a civilized manner in the streets and squares of Libyan cities and regions.

The Ministry of the Interior introduces a law enforcement force to combat all kinds of corruption from senior officials to the small ones; In order for the citizen to obtain all his rights, while all the security services in the parallel government stood by watching the expansion of the circle of corruption that is managed through the military government on the orders of the militia commander “Haftar” , who was content with intimidating anyone who tries to make his voice heard about the spread of corruption.

The interior is responsive

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha declared it clearly and transparently, during a press conference last June, his intention to fight all kinds of rampant corruption in the Libyan state institutions, signaling that it would begin with senior officials who can’t get enough of the theft and plunder of citizen rights.

Bashagha worked to support the citizens by conveying their voice to all officials and decision-makers through demonstrations so that their rights might be heard, while the demonstrations were met with rejection and disapproval by officials, and the matter reached the Minister of Interior to line up with the citizen, who confirmed that he would not give up accountability for all the corrupt, and that he chose to line up with him for 7 million Libyan citizens instead of just being a spectator.

The arrest of senior officials

Implementation of the actions of Bashagha, who worked to prosecute all institutions and officials through the movements of their accounts through Libyan banks, by signing an anti-corruption agreement with the Central Bank of Libya, and local and holding international meetings to combat corruption and money laundering, which is managed in hidden and organized ways in many cases.

Senior officials arrested by the Ministry of Interior within only three days of orders by the Public Prosecutor to bring them in; According to suspicions of corruption, abuse of power, and looting of public money, they are “Director of Accounts Department at the Ministry of Finance, Director of the Libyan Foreign Bank Mohamed bin Yusuf, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Adel Jumaa, Minister of Local Government Milad Al-Taher, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Local Government Saleh Al-Sakloul, former General Director of Production Projects with the General Electricity Company, and currently a member of the Board of Directors Abdul Hakim Al-Ferjani.

Confronting Corruption

The European Union launched, on Tuesday, a new project on “Strengthening Libyan National Capabilities; To prevent and combat corruption and money laundering ”for a period of three years, with funding from the European Union of 2.5 million euros, in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the United Nations Regional Institute for Crime and Justice Research.

The European Union clarified, in an official statement, that the project will hold training workshops for Libyan authorities and law enforcement agencies, to enhance their capabilities to combat corruption and financial crime, as well as to conduct training courses on techniques for tracking, confiscating and recovering assets associated with these crimes.

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