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The institutional division has exhausted the citizen and exacerbated his suffering .. Will Libyan institutions heal in Abo Zniqa?

Since the institutional division occurred in the country, the situation has gradually collapsed, especially the economic situation, which has a great impact on the citizen’s livelihood, the division resulted in the high prices of food supplies, medical supplies, and medicines, in addition to a long delay in paying monthly salaries.

This suffering pushed the two delegations of dialogue in Abo Zniqa, Morocco, to hold several dialogue sessions in the hope of resolving the crisis of institutional division, and ending the suffering of the Libyan citizen that has lasted for years without justifications. How do observers see the impact of the institutional division on the citizen’s livelihood?

Corruption or bankruptcy

Economic analyst Mustafa Shaqlouf said that the impact of the institutional division on citizens is evident, as the citizen, his opinion, and his life are not taken into account, but rather they are waiting for the intervention and pressure of the West to understand this suffering.

Shaqlouf added, in a statement to Arraed, that nobody cares about the citizen as long as the pocket of the official and his entourage are full, and that the purchasing power of citizens is getting weaker month after a month , and the situation no longer bears patience and may lead to corruption or bankruptcy.

High Cost

For his part, the economic anyalist, Al-Mabrouk Saleh, said that the institutional division affected the Libyan citizen, due to the high cost of living, the failure to pay salaries on time, and the deterioration of living conditions.

Saleh explained, in a statement to Arraed, that everything that happens is reflected in the administration and the services and the living conditions of the citizen, and if there is any treatment for it, it will have a profound impact on the state’s economic stalemate.

Saleh stressed that among the impacts are the poor provision of basic services to the citizen, such as the increasing deterioration of the health system, the lack of food, electricity, security and the instability of the dinar’s value.

Division is influential

Political analyst Faraj Dardour believes that it is natural for the institutional division to affect the services provided to the citizen, and that when institutions are dispersed and scattered and their efforts are subject to political strife, they will not perform well, which led to their complete failure.

Dardour stated, in a statement to Arraed, that the collapse of the Electricity Corporation is the best evidence of the impact of the institutional division, in addition to the collapse of the banking system and the lack of cash, all of which caused the deterioration of institutions, their division, and their impact on the political stalemate.

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