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The Independent reveals how European businessmen laughed at Haftar.

In revealing that Haftar and his sons stole the money of the Libyan people and their disregard for their rights in the wealth of their country, which he is supposed to preserve , Because he declared to be the savior of Libya and the Libyans.

The British Independent newspaper, which is widespread and influential in Britian and Western decision-making circles, revealed that the coup leader over the legitimacy Haftar transferred money in millions; For the purpose of purchasing weapons, equipment, aircraft and warships, but all these deals were not concluded, after the money arrived.

The Independent said in a report, published on its official website, that Haftar lost more than $ 55 million in public resources of the Libyan state, after he paid the price of war machines, such as an attack helicopter, a reconnaissance plane, and a marine patrol ship, but all these deals were not completed.

The newspaper confirmed that European mercenaries and businessmen, including British citizens, have deceived Haftar with tens of millions of dollars over the past years in exchange for military equipment and services he has not yet received.

The newspaper added, in its long report, that video footage showed that Haftar had lost over the past days an arsenal of expensive equipment that his withdrawing militia had to leave after withdrawing from western Libya.

The newspaper also reported, through its diplomatic sources and people involved in previous deals, that it was not only the military defeat of Haftar that cost the former CIA agent Haftar a lot of money, referring to the deals that Haftar lost, or was seized by speculators, and those he had contract With , they did not give him anything.

The British newspaper also said in the content of its report, that a businessman from the state of Texas, USA, gets from Haftar more than 6.5 million dollars, in partnership with one of his sons; To buy a warship, which has not been delivered.

And the hidden details may be worse than what was exposed …

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