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“The Independent”: Hifter is a toy for Russia, not a player.

The British newspaper “The Independent” revealed that Haftar is more a toy for the Russians than a player, and that Mohamed bin Salman and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi can decorate Haftar with medals of warriors” as they wish, while Putin maintains his support for another mixed army in Syria.

The newspaper confirmed in a report, on Friday, that Haftar received promises from the Russians, to support him in the coming months, but he received nothing except for some Russian mercenaries, and he did not obtain Russian equipment or weapons.

The newspaper added that Russia is losing some areas in Libya after Haftar was expelled from it by the internationally recognized GNA, noting that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt support Haftar, and his hostile to the Islamists makes him eligible to be proximate to Alsisi and the Saud family in the Middle East, as well as Russia, who witnessed his captivity in The Chad War, before he became a CIA friend.

It is worth noting that the German newspaper “Bild” said last Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to throw his weight in Libya and is sending a number of Syrian mercenaries to Libya to support Haftar.

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