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The Independent: Egypt “in the corner” because of Al Nahda Dam.

The British newspaper “The Independent” said on Saturday that war is the only possible scenario between the three parties, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia; As the talks about Al Nahda Dam reached an end.

The newspaper pointed out, in a report, that Egypt’s options were exhausted, and that Ethiopia was an important partner for the United States in its war against terrorism in East Africa, and also to limit China’s investments in it and in the Horn of Africa.

The newspaper added that the discussions led by the African Union on the dam reached another stalemate, as Egypt is determined that its annual share of water not to be affected , and fears losing it by starting to fill the dam by about one million cubic meters.

The European Agency added that Ethiopia believes that the dam’s filling and operation is one of its rights, without regard to the calls for an agreement that does not include arrangements to guarantee its share as well, stressing that it will unilaterally start filling the dam in the coming weeks regardless of the talks.

Euronews quoted the Ethiopian ambassador to the United Nations as saying that “his country’s exploitation of its water resources is an existential necessity,” pointing to the Ethiopian people seeing the dam as a sign of national pride, especially since its costs exceeded 4 billion dollars.

Ethiopia had announced that no agreement had been reached with Egypt on Al Nahda Dam, which was expressed by the Ethiopian Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, “Cilici Bekele,” in a tweet after Cairo announced the conclusion of negotiations held under the auspices of the African Union.

Source: euronews

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