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The Gulf reconciliation and its reflections on the Libyan file.

After a dispute three years ago, relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia are returning again, after the two parties signed in the Saudi city of Al-Ula a reconciliation called “Gulf reconciliation” during the meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and it was agreed to open the closed borders and open air flights between the two countries.

The final statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council welcomed the ceasefire in Libya, hoping for the success of the Libyan political dialogue, despite the differences in the interests of the Gulf states in Libya, where the legitimate government is supported by Qatar, and Haftar is supported by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Is it possible to see the reflection of this interest on the Libyan crisis for the benefit of Libya?

Will not affect

The journalist, Ibrahim Omar, said that the Gulf reconciliation will not greatly affect the positions of a country like the UAE and its damaging role in Libya, adding that the UAE is not completely in agreement with the reconciliation with Qatar despite its signing of the final statement of the Gulf summit, which it was not convinced of, but rather as a result of strong American pressure.

In a statement to Arraed, Omar explained that the only possible effect of reconciliation will be after the Biden administration takes power in America, which it is hoped will look into many files with a view or another vision that differs from the policies and approach of the Trump administration in the world and the region, which opened the door for a country like the UAE that Be a destructive player in Libya and other countries.

Reconciliation in support of the mission’s path

For his part, journalist Ali Abo Zaid said that the Gulf reconciliation would support the path of the UN mission aimed at achieving the anticipated political settlement, and the final statement of the summit stated that.

In a statement to Arraed, Abo Zaid stated that the Gulf system is expected to avoid escalation in the files of disagreement between them, especially the regional files, of which the Libyan file is considered.

Abo Zaid emphasized that this would mean allowing the UN mission to operate without obstruction from the countries supporting the military project, or at least the pace of obstruction would greatly decrease, so that the Gulf reconciliation would not be affected.

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