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The GNA and AFRICOM meeting produces several messages and positive results.

Zuwara’s meeting between the military leadership of the GNA and the US military command in Africa “AFRICOM” headed by the commander of the forces “Stephen Townsend”, who visited Libya, at an important time, especially after the statements of Egyptian President Abdelfatah Alsisi, and his waving of military intervention in Libya after the defeat of Haftar who used the Russian mercenaries to fight With him, which alerted the American leadership as it sensed the danger of the Russian expansion in Libya and its attempt to gain a strategic position on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

But what are the implications of the meeting of the commander of the US military command in Africa to Libya, and his meeting with Sarraj and the military leaders of the GNA? In light of the military developments in the western region, with the liberation of the cities where Haftar militias were stationed, and the Libyan army forces besieging Sirte.

Positive meeting

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha described the meeting as “positive”, stressing the agreement with the American side on the need to end “illegal” foreign interventions, support Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity from any external threats, and work to dismantle the outlaw militias; Being one of the causes of instability, and supporting the efforts of the government of reconciliation, the legitimate representative of Libya.

In his tweets on his personal Twitter account, Bashagha added that the military defeat of the Haftar aggressor militia has increased consensus with the United States that a political solution is the only option to solve the Libyan crisis.

Complete the liberation of Sirte and Al Jufrah

Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Bait Almal commander of the Sirte-Aljufra Operations room confirmed that the results of the meeting are promising and reassuring, and go in the side of completing military operations, supporting combating terrorism and striking its remnants, within the framework of strategic cooperation between the State of Libya and the United States of America.

In a statement, Bait Almal explained that the meeting with AFRICOM also touched on the role of the Wagner Company and its mercenaries, the support of the UAE to the aggressor forces, and how the case will be in relation to them, noting that Sisi’s statements are just heresies that will not deter them from completing operation “Droob Alnaser” “To liberate the cities of Sirte and Al-Jufra.

A strategic ally

Military analyst Adel Abdulkafi said that the United States of America, through its military arm in Africa “AFRICOM”, affirms the strategy of cooperation with the GNA and the legitimate forces involved in combating terrorism on Libyan soil.

Abdul-Kafi added, in a statement to Arraed, that combating terrorism is a long-term war, and that it is still in full coordination with the military forces that fought them and had previously cooperated with the USA in previous operations in combating ISIS in Sirte, and some of the sites where ISIS operatives are fortified.

Abdel-Kafi explained that for Libya, Haftar’s military operation supported by his allies created a great security vacuum and space for the movement of terrorist elements in the areas under Haftar’s control, such as the Haruj Mountains and the Libyan South, and they obtained the support of weapons, four-wheel drive vehicles and ammunition, and they became a threat, whether at the level of Libya or Europe in An attempt to expand through illegal immigration, as well as the permissible and uncontrolled southern borders; Because of the aggression.

Restrain the Russians

For his part, the writer and political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer considered that the visit is related in particular to the Russian presence, the nature of weapons held by Russian Wagner mercenaries, and the extent of their threat to AFRICOM’s operations in Libya.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to the Arraed, that the talks certainly touched on the military situation in general in Sirte and Al-Jufra, where the GNA forces are preparing to regain control of them, and it is likely that the discussion also extended to the possibility of the AFRICOM mission to return to work inside Tripoli again.

Political push

For his part, political analyst Ahmed Alrawyati said that the visit, according to what AFRICOM stated, is their willingness to push for a political settlement for fear of increasing activity of the Russians in Libya as a result of the escalation of military operations.

Alrawyati added, in a statement to Arraed, that AFRICOM believes that the cessation of military operations will enable it to press more towards the Russians’ exit from Libya, because then their presence will have no justification or an argument as their ally Haftar claims.

As it seems, according to Alrawyati , the United States does not want to lose its strategic ally, Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi, who see his presence as a guarantee for the security of “Israel”, as he said.

Alrawyati said that the United States may have today sent letters to the GNA leaders, stating that stopping the escalation and returning to dialogue with guarantees may be the most important of which is the return of Sirte to embrace of the GNA, and the re-pumping of oil under its authority.

In view of the statements of the US military command in Africa “AFRICOM” in earlier times, the danger posed by the presence of Russian mercenaries “Wagner” and Russia’s support for Haftar to deploy its combat aircraft in Libya, remains a growing US and European concern of Russia’s presence in Libya.

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