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The fleeing of the “Wagner” and the militias of Haftar revealed the extent of the devastation and destruction south of Tripoli.

During the fleeing of the Wagner and Haftar militias from the fighting axes south of Tripoli after the legendary steadfastness of the army forces for more than a year, it revealed the scale of the devastation, destruction, and criminality that these militias caused, deliberately taking lives, underestimating the sanctity of property and mosques, and laying mines and booby traps everywhere.

The media cameras and citizens documented some images of ruin and destruction in the homes of citizens in the areas of Al-Khalah, Salah Addin and Sidra, which showed the destruction of entire houses and wiping them from the face of the earth, the rate of mine and explosive accidents also escalated, as well as grave violations of human rights, unlawful kidnapping and killing in areas controlled by Haftar militia.

Sudden withdrawal

Mercenaries of the Russian Wagner company suddenly escaped from the advanced axes south of the capital Tripoli, which led to the rapid collapse of the Haftar militia, on more than one axis in Tripoli, despite its attempt to obstruct the Libyan army’s progress by laying mines in houses and streets.

This withdrawal comes after the militia’s supply lines were cut off, after the army drones targeted fuel trucks, weapons and ammunition in the vicinity of Bani Walid and Tarhuna, and this also prompted Al-Mismari to announce the repositioning south of Tripoli, using it as a disguise to withdraw and retreat.

Mass grave

The Ministry of Interior announced that the criminal investigation of the “Asaadia” police station, east of Al-Aziziyah, Al-Jafara Security Directorate, found a mass grave containing 4 fully decomposed bodies belonging to a man, a woman and two children.

The Ministry indicated that the security forces moved after a notification was received by the Prosecutor’s Office in Al-Azizia, according to a report from the Red Crescent department, Zintan, about the existence of a mass grave in the Al-Saadia area near the Zaytouni Mosque, so the criminal investigation patrols, accompanied by the Public Prosecution and the Red Crescent, moved to the place. The bodies were identified as belonging to the family of “Khalifa Muhammad al-Rakhiry”, his wife and two daughters, reported missing by the Bab Bin Ghashir Police Station in Tripoli , abducted on 10-29-2019 by a criminal gang during the control of the Haftar militias of the area.

Giving and redemption

After the withdrawal of the Wagner mercenaries and the subsequent withdrawals and retreats of the Haftar militias from most of the capital’s axes after the army’s heavy fire, the efforts of the Military Engineering Brigades focused on removing mines and booby traps planted by the Wagner mercenaries and the Haftar militias in the area.

7 of the field engineering brigade battalions were injured as a result of the explosion of mines laid by Haftar militias before they escaped from positions they occupied south of Tripoli, and the Volcano of Anger operation released a video clip of an army fighter, “Ali Deuka,” he was exposed to a mine explosion accompanied by two others while they were rescuing a family who entered a booby-trapped house In Ain Zara, where he said after leaving the surgery, “Praise be to Allah, for the mine to explode on me instead of on a child or a family.”

Continuous efforts

Members of the National Safety Authority were able to retrieve two highly explosive 60-mm mortar shells and a rocket’s head from a citizen’s house in the Sidra district of Ain Zara Municipality, and Hauser shells from a house in the Hadaba Project. The war residue from the missiles and rockets fired by the Haftar militias, which were retrieved by the explosives department and the treatment of explosives during a year of aggression, was estimated at more than five tons.

The Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Qanunu, declared the killing of two civilians after they returned to inspect their homes in Salah Addin and Al-Mashroua after the explosion of mines laid by the Haftar militias, stressing that all citizens should not return to their homes in the liberated areas for whatever reasons. Pictures posted on social media also showed part of the amount of mines and booby traps planted by Haftar militias in roads, homes and a mosque in Salah Addin and the Hadaba Project.

Destructive mines

On May 23, the Operation Volcano of Anger published a picture of a Russian MON-100 round ground mine made of metal, directional and anti-personnel metal designed to injure or killed by its fragments.

Adding that this type of mine is usually attached to a chain fixed by winged nuts on both sides of the landmine body, and the landmine contains 2 kg of explosives; To push 400 pieces of solid fragments into a deadly range of 100 meters, with a maximum range of fragment spread of 9.5 meters.

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