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The fate of the Geneva dialogue between the pulling of the Tripoli deputies and dragging of the Benghazi deputies.

The UN mission is in pursuit to hold talks between the Libyan parties, through which it seeks to reach a new agreement similar to the Skhirat Agreement, which was signed by the Libyan parties in mid-December 2015, and produced the Presidency Council of the internationally recognized government of reconciliation, which is disputed locally.

At the same time, voices from the GNA demanded that they will not participate in the Geneva talks unless certain conditions were met as demanded by several representatives.

Withdrawal and return of the displaced

The deputy and spokesperson for the parliament, Hammouda Sayyala, said that the deputies will participate in the Geneva talks whenever the objective conditions for participation are available.

Sayyala explained, in a statement to Arraed, that these conditions include the complete cessation of hostilities, the withdrawal of the aggressor forces, and the return of the refugees and the displaced.

For his part, member of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Arayedh, said that before engaging in any political dialogue, the cease-fire must be final, and the aggressor forces should return to their positions before last April. In a statement to Arraed, Arayedh added that the return of all the displaced to their homes, the establishment of security in all conflict areas, and the success of the military dialogue in this regard – is a prerequisite before the council’s participation in the Geneva dialogue.

Mutual intransigence

In this regard, writer and political analyst Faraj Farkash believes that the deputies in Benghazi have set impossible conditions, as well as some members of the House of Representatives in Tripoli.

Farkash added, in a statement to Arraed, that the withdrawal of the attacking forces is a technical matter for the Military Track Committee 5 + 5, and it should be left to the military who have a role in establishing the truce and reaching a permanent ceasefire, and discussions of other security files related to the unity of the security and military institutions, And a program to end militias and armed brigades in all of Libya, not just in Tripoli.

Farkash believes that the impossible conditions issued by the Parliament of Benghazi come within the framework of raising the ceiling of the demands and the media “prowess” to tickle the emotions of public opinion, according to his saying, stressing that the mission is determined to proceed on this path, as evidenced by the nomination of the 5 deputies from Tripoli for the meeting, awaiting the nomination of the 8 remaining deputies from Bengazi for the meeting. Pending the outcome of the meeting of the military committee known as the 5 + 5 committee, there will be talk and other conditions that may push the dialogue forward or stop it and bring the scene backwards .

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