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The European Union: The Solution For Libya Will Only Be Political

The European Union Council, on Wednesday, stressed that the solution in Libya can only be political through a comprehensive political process.

The current situation in Libya has become a source of instability in Libya, especially the region in general, and the solution must come from the Libyans themselves through a political process that ensures the representation of women on an equal basis with men and full respect for international law and human rights.

The Council welcomed the results of the Palermo Conference hosted by Italy in mid-November, stressing that it will follow up the implementation of its results and will support the efforts led by the United Nations mission towards a political transition and a reconciliation in the country.

The Council reiterated its intention to assist the Libyans in strengthening the capacity of security institutions, addressing security challenges in combating terrorism and contributing to the improvement of human rights conditions.

The European Union has repeatedly expressed its rejection of the military solution in Libya, stressing that it supports stability in Libya through a comprehensive political solution.

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