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The delegation of international criminal court is in Tarhuna for the second time … Will Haftar be officially accused of mass graves crimes?

After their first visit last July to Tarhuna, a delegation from the International Criminal Court visited the city again to document the kidnappings and killings carried out by Haftar’s Al Kani militia.

This visit comes after many variables, the first of which is the discovery and documentation of the identity of a number of victims, and the inclusion of the Al Kani militia in the list of US sanctions after the adoption of the decision to stabilize Libya in the US Congress, which punishes everyone who has been involved in human rights violations, and who deals with them or provides Immunity for them .

Two visits in 6 months

The first visit of the ICC delegation was last July, during which the court delegation met the head of the Attorney General’s office, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, where they were briefed on the files of mass graves and mines planted by Haftar’s militia and Russian mercenaries, and the delegation demanded the Attorney General’s office to indict the persons involved in these acts.

The delegation returned to visit the city again last Friday; To inspect the mass graves left behind by Haftar’s militia when they fled the city, and the International Criminal team renewed its demand for an indictment of those involved in the mass graves and the planting of mines.

Preliminary forensic data and evidence

The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha announced, last November, that the body of Brigadier General Mabrouk Khalaf, the former director of Information and Follow-up Office in the Ministry , was found in a mass grave in the city of Tarhuna, after he was executed by the Al-Kani militia. Last November, the bodies of 3 people from the Hamel family were found in one of the mass graves in Tarhuna, according to the General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons, and last June, local sources reported that the bodies of the daughters of the Harduh family who had been kidnapped by the criminal Al Kani militia were found in a refrigerator to preserve the dead after the Libyan army forces entered and liberated the city.

Hundreds of corpses

The head of the management Council of the Municipality of Tarhuna Mohammed Al-Kisher said that the number of bodies found in the mass graves left by the Al Kani militia in the city reached 116 bodies, of which only six were identified.

Al-Kishar added, in a previous statement to Arraed, that the number of families from which samples were taken regarding their missing exceeded 330 families, and that some families had 7 missing, pointing out that some of those whose bodies were identified had found their personal possessions buried with them, such as car keys or identity papers.

A second evidence of abuses of Al Kani Militia

The United Nations Mission in Libya announced last March that it had verified that the 9th Brigade “Al-Kani” carried out many summary executions in Tarhuna on September 13, 2019, and obtained dozens of reports on cases of enforced disappearance and torture of civilians, including civil community activists and journalists.

Inclusion on the sanctions list

The US State Department announced last November that the United States had imposed sanctions on Mohammed Al-Kani and the Al Kani militia; Because of their links to the killing of hundreds of civilians in recent years. Mohammed Al-Kani and the Al Kani militia he leads are on the sanctions list under Executive Order No. 13818 that implements the International Magnitsky Act for Human Rights Accountability and targets gross human rights violations and corrupt practices.

Russian Vito

The American decision comes after the Security Council failed to include the Al Kani militia in the international sanctions list. Because of the Russian veto, as the United States, Germany, Britain and Estonia members of the Security Council, nominated Mohammed Al-Kani and the Al Kani militia to the United Nations Sanctions Committee, for their horrific violation of human rights in Libya, according to the permanent American delegate Kelly Craft, but Russia has the right to veto in the Security Council formed of 15 countries aborted the issuance of a decision in this regard.

Haftar welcomes them

The rest of the Al-Kani family and the rest of his militia are in the eastern region under Haftar’s authority after their withdrawal last June, after the Libyan army forces took control of the entire western region, as local sources from the east reported that Haftar is tasking them with some security operations in some areas that witness security instability from time to time.

After the withdrawal of the Al Kani from Tarhuna, the discoveries of mass graves and corpses continued, and the General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons, until last July, counted 226 bodies and 27 mass graves in Tarhuna.

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