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The defeats of Haftar and his militias at the hands of the Libyan army are forcing his Russian mercenaries and other nationalities to flee to their countries.

The Libyan army and the Air Force conducted heroic epics in which, in less than a month, gave the Haftar militias and their mercenaries from various countries a lesson in fighting and steadfastness.

After the army returned the cities of the West Coast, the Air Force Base, and the city of Al-Asabaa to the embrace of the homeland – the ring was tightened over the militias of Haftar and their mercenaries, and their dreams and ambitions were destroyed on the walls of the capital, which made them withdraw back and lose large areas, and the mercenaries were forced to leave.

The Russians depart

Two days ago, flights began leaving the city of Bani Walid to transport the Russian mercenaries who were fighting in the ranks of the Haftar militias to an unknown destination. According to news and information, the number of mercenaries exceeded 1,600 mercenaries went to an unknown destination, and other news says that they were transferred to Al-Jufra under the control of Haftar After the Libyan army found a corpse belonging to a Russian mercenary with all his equipment and weapons, he was fighting with the Haftar militias.

This news was confirmed by the mayor of Bani Walid Salem Alnwair, who said, “For two consecutive days, 3 military aircrafts have transported a large number of Russians, while another group is waiting for their evacuation,” he said.

Chadian and Sudanese opposition

After the departure of the Russian mercenaries, a large convoy of hundreds of military vehicles was monitored from the Chadian opposition, south of the city of Sebha, leaving to Chad, they were fighting in the ranks of the Haftar militias.

At the same time, one of the Sudanese mercenaries in the ranks of the Haftar militia demanded to get their money and expose private messages between him and one of their officials in the ranks of Haftar, in which he asked him not to publish their photos for fear of being targeted and pursued internationally and to prove the presence of the mercenaries in the ranks of Haftar.

The Syrians were killed

In the same context, the Syrian Observatory confirmed the killing of the first mercenaries who were recruited by Russia to fight in Libya recently alongside Haftar militias, and that the number of those who arrived in the country sent by a Russian security company reached 450 mercenaries from a number of Syrian governorates, while another batch await At the Syrian-controlled Syrian Hmeimim military base.

Defeat the militias

After the fatal blow to the militias by the Libyan army, by land and air, they became between a prisoner and a murdered and those who fled to the cities under the control of Haftar, after their heavy loss in the cities of the West Coast and the painful blow by losing the Alwittia air base.

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