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“The Daily Beast”: Trump knows that his chances of losing the elections are great.

The American Daily Beast website, considered on Sunday, that US President Donald Trump knows that the chances of him losing in the elections have become great, as polls show, and it is possible to feel what is simmering inside him, as he says, “I am going to the abyss and taking the country with me.” .

The website added, in a report, that Trump wants all talk to be about him, and that the rest of the world be divideded into victors who love him, and losers who hate him, hoping that he will cause pain to these people.

The site concludes that Trump believes that some terrible and unlawful events he is seeking to stir could direct public opinion to support him, but it is likely that it will fail, which is a good thing; Because he means his opponent, Joe Biden, will win, but it’s the same thing is bad. Because it is terrifying to think about what Trump will do in the last weeks of the presidential elections, which he knows he will lose.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States after running in the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

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