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The contradiction of Russian stance and statements between strengthening of the military presence and the political solution.

Moscow’s contradiction in dealing with the Libyan crisis has emerged recently, as it disclaims Haftar and retracts the option of a military solution in public, calls for Libyan-Libyan dialogue, and supports the military effort represented by the Wagner mercenaries, the long hand of Russia in Libya.

Earlier, Russian President “Vladimir Putin” confirmed that a large number of mercenaries from several parts are active in the conflict zone in Libya, and that even if there are Russian citizens among them, they do not represent the state of Russia, do not receive money from it, and have no connection with them.

He denied participation

The statements of “Putin” were enhanced by the spokesman for the Russian presidency, “Dmitry Peskov”, who also denied the participation of the Russian army in any way in Libya, adding that they are not even aware of the presence of Russian citizens participating in operations there.

While Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov tried to show his country’s diplomacy during his recent visit to Algeria, and stressed that Moscow did not bet on any of the parties to the Libyan conflict, but was, and is still in contact with all of these parties; In order to help them reach a settlement.

Intention to attack

In light of Russia’s denial of the participation of its citizens in any way in the war in Libya, and its continued assertion that it did not send Russian mercenaries; to fight in the ranks of the Haftar militia.

On Friday, the US military command in Africa, AFRICOM , revealed that Russia and Wagner mercenaries continue to participate in land and air operations in Libya, noting that the size of the Russian equipment for Wagner indicates an intention to enhance its offensive combat capabilities.

AFRICOM revealed aerial photographs showing the positioning of Wagner mercenaries and their equipment on the front lines in Sirte, indicating that Russian military cargo planes continue to provide the Wagner with air defense equipment and anti-mine armored vehicles.

Earlier, AFRICOM reported that it had evidence of the involvement of “Wagner” mercenaries in planting booby traps and random minefields on the outskirts of Tripoli and Sirte, and that the number of “Wagner” reached 2,000 in Libya, and that their introduction of landmines, booby traps and attack jet fighters would change the nature of the current conflict.

And AFRICOM indicated that the Wagner complicates the ceasefire efforts in Libya, and that Russia is able to stop it, but it does not want it, noting that the Russian-sponsored Wagner has completely ignored the safety and security of Libyans, and that the irresponsible tactics that it pursues prolong the duration of the conflict.

Russian-Turkish agreement

The AFRICOM statement is considered contrary to the Russian Foreign Ministry statement, last Wednesday, in which it announced that it had agreed with Turkey to consider establishing a joint working group between the two countries on Libya, and to hold consultations in Moscow soon.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that talks held with the Russian side reaffirmed that there is no military solution to the Libyan crisis, and for its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed its agreement with the Turkish side to continue efforts; To create conditions for a ceasefire in Libya, and for a Libyan political dialogue, in accordance with the resolutions of the Berlin Conference.

In light of these meetings and the public affirmation of the political option, Russia remains one of Haftar’s most important supporters of the military option, and the mobilization continues; For the continued chaos, destabilization of security and stability, It is not hidden from anyone,the corpse of a mercenary from the Wagner Group, and the Russian air defense systems “Pantsir”, which the Libyan army destroyed a large number of.

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