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The army inflicted losses on Hifter militias after a desperate attempt to advance south of the capital.

Arraed – It was less than 24 hours since the militias of Haftar violated the “fragile” truce when it targeted several neighborhoods of Tripoli with “Grad” missiles on Friday, until it followed them with a new breach by attacking several axes at one time, but the Libyan army forces thwarted it with unrivaled valor.

Was expected

The Commander of the Moral Guidance Division of the Military College Tripoli, Brigadier Saeed Al-Malti, believes that the attack of Hifter militias on the axes of Asawani, Ain_Zara and Alazaizia was expected.

In his speech to Arraed, Al-Malti reinforced that the Hifter militias have been gathering forces for some time with African mercenaries, valuing the role of the Libyan army forces in countering the attack and inflicting human and material losses on the attacking militias, he said.


The commander of the Ain_Zara axis, Yusef Al-Amin, linked the attack of Hifter militias on the axis with the exhumation of the bodies of their dead men, who they were unable to remove them yesterday after they were targeted by heavy artillery from the Operation Volcano of Anger.

“Al-Amin” described the situation of the Libyan army forces in the axis as “excellent”, adding that the attacking militias suffered material and human losses, adding that our forces are prepared and ready to monitor any breach and move to deal with it.

Losses in Asawani

The commander of the Asawani Chamber, in the operation of the volcano of anger, “Mohamed Bin Ajala,” counted the losses of the Hifter militias that attacked the Asawani axis, saying that they had killed 20 of them and destroyed 3 armed vehicles.

He explained to Arraed that the militia attack on the axis began by targeting it with mortars, followed by a group of infantry sheltered with two tanks and 3 Emirati armored vehicles, stressing that the Axis forces did not lose any of their positions and the attackers returned in their wake.

False truce

The Commander of the Moral Guidance in the Central Military Region, Brigadier Nasser al-Qaed, does not acknowledge the existence of a truce, adding that the silence of the international community regarding attempts to violate it was not new.

The “al-Qaed” assured Arraed of the continued presence of Russian mercenaries in the ranks of the Hifter militias, reinforcing his speech by bombing the capital Tripoli on Friday morning, which he said was a Russian-made artillery operated by Russian mercenaries, according to his description.

New reinforcements

A source from the Western Military Region confirmed that today’s attack on Al-Aziziya was launched by the new reinforcements that arrived yesterday to the area of Arban from Tarhuna.

In his speech to Arraed, the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the attacking force consisted of 70 vehicles with the Janjawid mercenaries, confirming that they  repelled the attack and captured 15 of Hifter mercenaries, and killed 10 of his militias and destroyed a number of his vehicles, according to his confirmation.

Firmly and powerfully

The Libyan army spokesperson, Colonel Pilot “Mohamed Qanono,” described the advance of Hifter militias today as a “desperate attempt,” affirming the commitment of the army forces in all axes to the instructions issued to them, to deal firmly and forcefully with any breach of the truce and to target the sources of fire. The media center for Operation Volcano of Anger called on citizens to stay away from the whereabouts of mercenaries and invading gangs south of Tripoli, in order to ensure their safety.

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