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The army declares the central and western regions military zones … and the ring is getting tighter on the militias of Haftar.

Since the beginning of Operation “Peace Storm” in late March – the Libyan Air Force launched severe and painful strikes on the concentrations of Haftar militias, their ammunition stores and their supply lines, causing heavy losses of lives and equipment to them. The army and air force were on the lookout for them.

The Operation Volcano of Anger Operation Chamber announced today, the western and central regions, military operations zones for the Libyan army where movement is prohibited without prior permission, whether for military and semi-military vehicles or cargo and fuel trucks.

The Chamber also called on the competent authorities combating Corona to coordinate with the chamber to assist them during their movement between cities, merchants are also requested to communicate with it to secure the movement of transport of medicines and food before passing through the military operations room.

Correct procedure

Commenting on this procedure, the journalist and writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer said that to cut arms and fuel supplies to Haftar gangs in the central and western regions, necessitate prevention of any movement of trucks and transport vehicles in general, because these gangs hide ammunition and weapons under food to avoid bombing.

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that the advertisement published by the Volcano of Anger Operations Room – is a perfectly sound procedure to warn the truckers not to give in to the financial temptation and preserve their lives and their livelihood.

Al-Kabeer was surprised that the supplies of food, medicine, and fuel coming to the western regions came from the eastern region, adding that Haftar and his gangs thought that their tricks to hide weapons under flour bags and tomato boxes would fool the Libyan army commanders, as he put it.

Rules of engagement have changed

For his part, journalist and author Salah Al-Shilwi stressed that any undeclared presence in the two regions is a hostile presence and will be targeted without any warning, in response to the declaration of the central and western regions as military operations zones .

Al-Shilwi said in a statement to Arraed that this region had recently had several violations from the other side, which he had taken advantage of to make progress in it, but when the rules of engagement needed to be changed , they declared that it was a military operations zone where permissions to move are taken directly from the field military command.

Al-Shilwi indicated that the region will return to its normal state and dismantle the state of emergency, but for now it is a military operation zone, meaning that military law and military procedures prevail over civil procedures.

General mobilization

Political analyst Abdulmajeed Al-Awiti considered that the Libyan army announced the closure of some areas with specific geographical ranges – are general mobilization measures or what is known as the country’s emergency law.

Al-Awiti added, in a statement to Arraed, that the army’s announcement of the western and central regions as two military zones – comes within the framework of military operations that the leadership is conducting in its war against Haftar militias and taking into account the security interest of citizens who use the coastal roads in their movements.

 Are we going to witness a radical change at the level of military operations in the coming days , which will be the beginning of the end for Haftar and his militias in the western region?

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