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The approach of reducing the members of the GNA is back again .. Will it succeed?

The Supreme Council of State called on members of the House of Representatives to assume their responsibilities and to work immediately to complete what was previously agreed between the two chambers with regard to reducing the number of members of the Presidency Council and separating the government from it.

And the council added, according to a statement, that the reason for calling for the separation of the government is the desire to be able to carry out its duties, calling for the activation of Article 15 of the political agreement with regard to sovereign positions.

Idea of ​​amendment

Political analyst Farag Farkash said that since the outcomes of the Tunis meeting in 2017 and under the auspices of the UN mission after Ghassan Salama came, the idea of amendment to ​​the presidential council is still circulating … the idea was abandoned by Salama at that time when he saw the struggle over positions and gains between the two councils, and tried to limit the solution to the consensus of Sarraj and Haftar, and we saw This is in the Abu Dhabi, Paris, Palermo, and Abu Dhabi meetings … which Haftar betrayed after his failed and unjustified attack on the capital.

Farkash indicated in a statement to Arraed that the circumstances have not changed much in terms of the incompatibility of the two chambers and the lack of trust between them, and in the presence of opposition from close to the current presidential council from those in the House of Representatives and the State Council, as well as opposition from Al-Sarraj himself, who announced in more than one occasion that he prefers to go to General elections ..

Farkash saw the difficulty of changing the current presidential council, and that changing it to 3 members, giving Aqeela a position in it and he giving up the presidency of the House of Representatives, which many of its members consider him an obstacle will solve the Parliament’s complex and help it convene again to form a separate government in consultation with the State Council and the rest of the components to unite under it, and its institutions, and ends the political, banking, financial, military and security division.

Aqeela initiative

The writer Abdullah al-Kabeer said that Aqeela Saleh’s initiative includes the formation of a new presidential council through elections in the three regions of Libya, thinking that this proposal will be accepted by the Supreme Council of the State, as well as by some political parties; Because it is a proposal that goes beyond the political agreement.

Al-Kabeer asked in a statement to Arraed that as long as it is possible to hold elections, let us go to new general elections, pointing out that Aqeela, through this proposal, reveals his desire to cling to power.

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