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The American website “The Hill” : Haftar must be punished in order to comply with the truce.

The US website, “The Hill”, said on Saturday that the United States and the European Union should put Haftar and his top aides on the blacklist, in order to respect the ceasefire agreement and reopen oil production so that health institutions can combat corona.

The website pointed out that “the rebel commander, Khalifa Haftar,” continues his attack on Tripoli despite his failure with mercenaries from Sudan, Chad, Egypt, Russia and Salafi civilian extremists to enter Tripoli, noting that they killed and wounded thousands and displaced more than 355 thousand Libyan citizens.

The website pointed out that the US State Department issued, just last Saturday, a warning to Haftar to stop his impossible ambition to become the “new Gaddafi”, which exposes global efforts to prevent the deadly virus from spreading further to danger.

The site confirmed that Haftar militias increased their indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas deep in the city, using Grad rockets known to be inaccurate, because Haftar was unable to enter Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that the militia of Haftar broke through the humanitarian truce called by several countries, including the United States, to give the reconciliation government the opportunity to confront the global epidemic of Corona.

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