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The American “Huffington Post” website: Trump wants to sell weapons to the “dictator” of the UAE for use in Libya.

The American “Huffington Post” website said, Friday, that US President “Donald Trump” wants to sell weapons to the UAE “dictator” Mohammed bin Zayed, worth $ 23 billion, indicating that he may use them in Yemen and Libya.

The website stated in its report that the UAE bombed the Military College in Tripoli last January, in which more than 26 unarmed “students” were killed, adding that Abu Dhabi is now trying to buy its first armed American drones with the blessing of Trump.

The site pointed out that the UAE denies its involvement in the Libyan war, and that the CIA proves that it is lying when it tried to deny its involvement in Haftar’s aggression against Tripoli, and that it carried out the strike on the academy, pointing out that “Human Rights Watch” found other evidence linking Abu Dhabi to the November attack 2019 in a detention center in Tajoura.

He noted that Congress is discussing Trump’s huge arms deal, worth $ 23 billion, with the UAE, which includes the most advanced American combat aircraft, thousands of bombs and missiles, in addition to drones, stressing that lawmakers have an opportunity to prevent shipments, which are almost certain It will be used to kill innocent people, and it will exacerbate civil wars, and enhance the global awareness that America does not pay much attention to human rights.

He stressed that in the case of the deal with the de facto ruler of the UAE, Mohammed bin Zayed, the largest sale deal of this kind in the Trump era would carry very clear and devastating possibilities and consequences, noting that the UAE embassy did not respond to a request for comment on this report.

The site believed that the vote to block the deal would be a final rebuke to Trump, although his use of the veto is almost certain, in addition to the Biden administration’s indication that Congress will support the next president in halting future arms shipments.

It is noteworthy that the UAE has supported Haftar since the start of his aggression against Tripoli last April, with advanced military weapons and mercenaries.

Source: The “Arabi 21” website

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