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The American ambassador discusses with the Minister of Planning cooperation in the field of health.

Minister of Planning Taher al-Jehaimi, accompanied by the US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, discussed Libya’s response to the Corona virus pandemic, and the continued commitment of the United States to help Libya tackle the epidemic.

The embassy added, through its official Facebook page, that there is currently a memorandum of intent between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the government of Libya, through the ministry, increasing opportunities for economic participation and growth, and enhancing Libya’s ability to address instability and conflict.

 For his part, Al-Jehaimi expressed his commitment to the accountability systems currently in place, to ensure that American aid reaches those in need in societies across Libya.

Norland stressed that the additional US $ 6 million contribution will provide technical assistance in infection prevention and control, and will support water and sanitation in selected sanitation facilities.

Norland said that the immediate efforts to respond to the Corona virus crisis complement the previous US investments in Libya over many years towards building the capacities of Libyan institutions at the national and local levels, and that the United States will continue to stand firmly with the Libyan people.

It is worth noting that the US embassy in Libya announced, last Monday, the start of a partnership with the Libyan government and civil society with a project of rapprochement with support reaching up to 30 municipalities throughout Libya, to improve the services provided to the citizen.

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