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The aggression is entering its second year … and Haftar and his militias continue to bomb civilian neighborhoods without making any progress.

Yesterday, April 4, marked the first anniversary of Haftar’s aggression against Tripoli, accompanied by the sadness, pain, killing, and destruction of civilians and their property.

Haftar entered his second year of aggression scenario without taking into account the risks of Corona’s outbreak in the country.

Abusleem again

On the first day of the second year of the aggression against the Libyan capital, rockets and missiles landed on safe civilian neighborhoods and homes, the last of which was today in the Abu sleem area, causing material damage to public and private property.

The Municipality of Abusleem announced that the militia of Haftar fired barrages of mortor shells at several residential neighborhoods of the municipality, and resulted in the destruction of homes and cars, and terrified citizens.

The media is fueling the war

Haftar’s media dealt with the passing of a year of aggression by inciting more killing and destruction in Tripoli, and that Haftar’s militias are still determined to liberate Tripoli, so what kind of liberation do they mean?

The pro-Alrajma media broadcast false news claiming that their militias were advancing and approaching the center of Tripoli, and that they had taken control of the project areas and Abusleem, calling on the citizens to act and support their militias, from which citizen got nothing Except destruction, ruin and displacement.

A year passes and the Libyan army continues to confront mercenaries of all kinds and races of the world, and with all kinds of weapons supplied to them by countries that supports the aggression against Libya.

With the entry of the new year of the aggression, the rebel with a history of rebelion against legitimacy in its history continues to bring mercenaries, who get paid from the Libyan people’s money to kill and displace them, and the Libyan army forces have monitored more mercenary regiments arriving at the axes of the fighting.

Will the aggressor against the civil and the legitimacy learn a lesson from the tragedies and sufferings he caused to the densely populated city of Tripoli? Or will he continue to bomb them in their homes with blind missiles and missiles that do not differentiate between an old man,a woman or a child.

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