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The absence of security and law in Benghazi … throws files and murder cases into the wind.

The violations and crimes of Haftar, his sons and his militias have become in need of a lot of paper to write on, and to be added to the long lists of their heinous and atrocious crimes.

The kidnapping and killing of women in the eastern region has become the main issue that is surfacing at this time and affecting even Haftar’s supporters. Because of their exposure to his crimes and their opposition to the actions they carry out publicly without accountability or prosecution.

Representative of the people

On July 17 last year, the 106 militias affiliated with Saddam Haftar kidnapped MP Siham Serqiwa, who has immunity from her home in the middle of the night, after refusing the war on the capital, Tripoli.

Serqiwa was kidnapped, her son and her husband were beaten and shot, and they were placed in a hospital, and their family members were prevented from reaching them.

In the same context, Parallel Interior Minister Ibrahim Abo Shnaff said that the kidnappers of Serqiwa are terrorist groups that may have infiltrated Benghazi or that they existed and were working in secret as sleeping cells.

More than a year has passed since Serqiwa’s kidnapping, without clarifying her fate or even a single piece of information, despite repeated calls to reveal her fate and make statements about investigations into the case of her abduction, but the parallel government has nothing to offer.

Old woman

Al-Nasr club player Ahmed Al-Hassi announced the kidnapping of his mother from her home by force of arms in October 2019 in the Bosnaib area of ​​Benghazi, accompanied by a picture obtained from surveillance cameras showing one of the members of the group that broke into the house and the type of cars.

Two weeks after her abduction, her son revealed that the group that kidnapped her was affiliated with Haftar’s special forces unit and was taken to an unknown destination.

Like her predecessor, Maqboula Al-Hassi remains missing to this day, without any information about her whereabouts or whether she was alive or killed.

Non-Libyan women

The Sudanese “Zainab al-Hudandawiyah” was killed, and her body was found with signs of torture and bullets in the head, and the other woman, “Aisha Yunus,” her body was found in the Hawari area, with her hands cut off in October 2019.

Against the background of the killing of Sudanese women, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that all necessary actions be taken to arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible, bring them to trial, and provide protection and security for all Sudanese citizens in Libya.

The case of the killing of Sudanese women was closed without the perpetrator being arrested or even a statement stating any information.

Al-Barasi is the last victim

On November 10, the activist and human rights defender Hanan Al-Barasi was killed after exposing the corruption of Haftar and his sons, with bullets fired in Ishreen Street in broad daylight.

Hanan Al-Barasi appeared in many of the video clips revealing the corruption and secrets of Haftar’s militias and their threats to her , which prompted them to kill her without any mercy or compassion as they do.

The concerned authorities in Benghazi tried to cover the matter as usual, so they sent an unknown group that removed the surveillance cameras in the incident area to hide any evidence confirming the involvement of Haftar’s sons.

After nearly a month had passed since her death without investigations, her son disclosed that the prosecution was stalling the investigations without having any developments in the case that ignited all Arab and international news agencies.

Other than these, there are many women in the Eastern Province who have been subjected to killings, torture, kidnappings, threats and extortion simply because they said the word of truth and opposed the actions and deeds of Haftar’s militias that spread corruption on the ground.

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